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Hypnotherapy to stop smoking really works – it definitely works for people who are ready to quit smoking.

If you’re ready to quit, committed and motivated then hypnosis will make it easy and will work most of the time for most people. Smokers who or are ready to quit but just can’t get over the line and make it happen independently succeed with the quit smoking program – how great would it feel to be a non-smoker.

I’ll always talk to you before we begin therapy to make sure there aren’t any blind spots or secondary gains. A secondary gain occurs when smoking provides a positive or beneficial result in some way. For example, smoking may help a person relax and feel more comfortable when they interact socially.

Stop smoking with hypnosis in as little as one session.

Quitting the smoking habit with hypnotherapy also reduces cravings because stress levels go down and you feel much more empowered and able to overcome any thoughts. I can help you to stop smoking with hypnosis in one session. You can give up smoking easily by using the power of your subconscious mind.

The problem with other methods of quitting is that they only address one aspect of the complex urge to smoke: the physical craving, the response to a particular situation, or the belief in a ‘reward’ that some smokers experience such as relaxation and release etc. Clinical hypnosis, with a focus on quitting smoking, addresses all levels of the urge by working on the subconscious level.

Hypnotherapy you can take with you

Our hypnotherapy sessions for quitting smoking are tailored exactly to you. Before the hypnosis begins, we’ll discuss your exact reasons for wanting to quit, and then use these exact, personal motivations to communicate with your subconscious mind.

Once the session is complete, we’ll also provide you with an audio recording of your tailored session, so that you can listen to it in future.

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