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Undo learned patterns of worry and stress with hypnotherapy.

Rapid improvements are made using a combination of hypnotherapy and counselling. Finding the root cause is critical, addressing depression, stress, and anxiety and replacing negative thoughts and feelings with calm, confidence, and rationality. You will then be able to face challenges and deal with situations that would have otherwise left you feeling overwhelmed.

In some cases, anxiety disorders occur in connection with depression or other mental illnesses. Although feelings of anxiety have severe consequences for people’s lives, they are a useful signal. Trauma is a somatic experience but even if there’s no cognitive memory the body will always remember.

Understanding the causes.

As a clinical hypnotherapist, I understand anxiety and pain as information or a signal for help when the organism strives to solve a problem. The root cause of these conditions is usually trauma. Anxiety, depression may occur in different forms such as social phobias, panic attacks and generalised anxiety disorder. The reasons for the presence of anxiety disorders vary individually.

For some people, the source can be found early in childhood events. For others, it may be a defence mechanism for subconscious conflicts, or a reaction to stress and strain.

If you are living with constant stress and anxiety then hypnotherapy can help.

Hypnotherapy you can take with you

Our hypnotherapy sessions for anxiety and stress are tailored exactly to you. Before the hypnosis begins, we’ll explore the factors the trigger unwelcome feelings of anxiety, and then use these personal motivations to communicate with your subconscious mind.

During the course of your hypnotherapy sessions, we’ll also provide you with tailored audio recordings so that you can listen again when you need.

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