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Up to 40% of the population will experience a panic attack at some point in their life.

Panic attacks are surprisingly common. It usually happens between the age of 20-30 when a person experiences the environment as dangerous and uncomfortable.

Panic attacks are usually unforeseen attacks of panic that can involve a racing heart, sweating or fear of death. Sufferers have no control over the attacks and the symptoms are experienced as very stressful. In this context, the fear of the occurrence of anxiety arises. Often follows social withdrawal to avoid the occurrence of attacks in public. This behaviour has in turn impact on family and partnerships.

If you are suffering from stress or anxiety and are feeling let down by mainstream treatment methods, then hypnotherapy therapy may well be right for you.

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Our hypnotherapy sessions for panic attacks and panic disorder management are tailored exactly to you. Before the hypnosis begins, we’ll explore the factors the trigger unwelcome feelings of anxiety, and then use these personal motivations to communicate with your subconscious mind.

During the course of your hypnotherapy sessions, we’ll also provide you with tailored audio recordings so that you can listen again when you need.

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