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Confidence is not a given – it can change from day to day, but it is a part of our mindset.

When a person doesn’t believe in themselves or believes they’ve lost their self-confidence, then their self-esteem is affected too. It is displayed in their body language, what they say and how they talk, their tone of voice. The other people in our lives can detect it too, life becomes hard and this is often a part of a general negative pattern that can lead to a depressive state.

If our self-esteem is robust, we can accept ourselves and recognise our successes. Hypnotherapy for self-esteem can bring out your inner confidence level.

Through our life events and the associated feelings, self-esteem is either strengthened or weakened.

Robust confidence and self-esteem is a strength and gives us resilience. If we do fall or falter we can recover quickly and keep going, not fall into a negative spin of self-deprecation and overthinking of what others may be thinking.

Self-esteem is a legacy of our childhood experiences – partly due to how our parents and siblings shaped and conditioned us during childhood, our conditions of worth.

Using hypnosis you can change your beliefs and change your world.

Hypnotherapy you can take with you

Our hypnotherapy sessions for improved confidence and managing self-esteem are tailored exactly to you. Before the hypnosis begins, we’ll discuss the underlying issues that prevent you from recognising your self-worth and then create a bespoke hypnosis session to help you improve your feelings of confidence.

We’ll also provide you with an audio recording of your tailored session, so that you can listen to it in future.

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